FAQ Sightseeing Flights

No. The law requires a separate seat for each individual passenger.

For security reasons, objects that would be prohibited on commercial airplane flights are also prohibited on board helicopters.

No. We have calculated our operating costs for each individual seat. If some seats were discounted, other passengers would have to pay more for their tickets.

The pilot switches to so-called "autorotation", whereby the main propellor continues to turn by means of air moving up through the rotor, so the helicopter is still manouverable and can be landed safely on any free surface.

A helicopter is a relatively complex flying machine and is expensive to buy and maintain. The technical investments required for maintenance and upkeep make operating a helicopter expensive. Moroever, most of the individual parts have a limited "lifespan" and for safety reasons they must be replaced after a certain number of flight hours, regardless of whether they or not they are showing signs of wear and tear. This also increasing operating costs considerably.

All air traffic in Germany is highly regulated by the authorities. Registered flight companies are inspected annually; helicopters are maintained regularly; and pilots submit to semi-annual monitoring as well as a physical examintion in order to keep risks at a minimum. All flights are carried out by professional pilots.

Of course. But please turn off your flash, as the light reflecting on the window will ruin your pictures.

A helicopter is a good-natured aircraft that is largely unaffected by turbulence that may be encountered. This makes the risk of flight sickness much less pronounced.

All passengers are given headphones and a microphone. This not only muffles the sound of the engines but also makes it possible for passengers to communicate with one another and the pilot. In some cases you may also hear the radio traffic between the pilot and the flight control tower.

No, not necessarily. The pilot consults a special weather report on the day of the flight, and is authorized to cancel the flight due to inclement weather if he so decides. Purchased tickets can be returned if a tour cannot be conducted due to bad weather or for some other reason.

Of course tickets may also be purchased for children, but they should be old enough to understand and appreciate the experience. For safety reasons, the law requires a ticketed seat for each child.

You should be healthy and in relatively good condition, able to get in and out of the hellicopter easily on your own, and should not weight more than about 100 kilograms. Passengers weighing more may still be able to fly; please consult us for more details.



Rotorflug & Heli Transair

From 1 October 2020, the Egelsbach-based flight service provider Heli Transair will take over the helicopter company Rotorflug from Friedrichsdorf. Heli Transair will then become the only shareholder of Rotorflug, which specializes primarily in commercial flight.